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Distribution of CBBC shoot-down level is always the Great Light House in stock market trend.

But the CBBC issuers only disclose this piece of important information once a day, after the market closed.

The logic behind is simple. Live Time CBBC shoot-down level distribution is an extremely insightful indicator for market trend. The big players deliberately shoot-down the CBBC contracts, making huge profit. is designed to break the balance. With the cutting edge financial technology, we built a website for LIVE CBBC shoot-down level distribution information, using futures equilvalent as unit, capturing average investors' viewpoint, as the Great Light House on market trend.

Three Major Features

Live CBBC Shooting Price Distribution

​Ace Feature of It is the statistics of Live CBBC transaction with futures equivalent as unit, displayed with the shoot-down level distribution.

​Especially in a big trend market, the market trend is highly predictable with average investors' point of view.

Historical CBBC Shooting Price Distribution

​Apart from Live distribution, we also provide Historical distribution of CBBC shoot-down range. Not only End of day day, the 'Rewind' function enable users to observe the position development process, making trend following an easier task.

End of Day CBBC Residual Value Distribution

​Residual Value refer to the actual bet that investors made on the CBBC. This piece of information double confirm the motivation for big players deliberately shoot-down close-ranged CBBC contract.

Live CBBC Shooting Price Distribution

​2020/8/12, HSI opening price 24800, at time 10:00 pm, Live CBBC Shooting Price Distribution indicate average investors were actively building up massive Bear position, at 25,000 - 25,400 shooting price with highest opening position. In the same day HSI rose to 25,300 at market close, and climbed up to 25,400 at AHT. Total increased point up to 600. If we captured this 600 points with short term leveraged tools, the profit will be amazing.

End of Day CBBC Residual Value Distribution

​From the begining of Jan 2021, HSI started at 27,200, Bear Contracts took up to nearly 90% of CBBC Residual Value, which represented bearish market view of the general public. At 2021/1/19, HSI rose up 2,500 point and closed at 29,642, almost killed all Bear Contracts.

Tutorial Team

Cinque Terre

Chris Wong

  • Hong Kong Program Trading Research Center Co-founder
  • Writer of Commerical Press 2014 Best seller 'Options Speculator' Series
  • Nowtv 'Leverage to Win' guest speaker, Hong Kong Stock Exchange Seminar Speaker
Cinque Terre

Calvin Tsai

  • Hong Kong Program Trading Research Center Co-founder
  • Writer of Joint Publishing 2019 Best seller second runner-up 'The Theory and Implementation of Program Trading'
  • Hedge Fund Portfolio Manager, 'Edigest' Columnist, Nowtv 'Leverage to Win' guest speaker
Cinque Terre


  • Hong Kong Program Trading Research Center Chief Technical Officer
  • Postgraduate Diploma in Computer Science Holder
  • Full Stack Developer